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Lifelines and Memories

From time to time it is nice to browse through old pictures and re-live some of those old memories. But most of those picture are stored on old phones and are practically unaccessable. Here on flashback.click you can upload your memories and have them ready at any time.


Flashback how?

So you uploaded a picture or video at a certain location of this planet. Now you revisit that location some years later. You fire up your browser and navigate to flashback.click. Here comes the flashback: You are immediatly confronted with what you uploaded back then. You most probably looked younger. You still had that girlfriend. Wow. Now upload another image for the next flashback in five years and get on with your life.


Social Login

Signing-In is as simple as it gets. You can use your facebook-, twitter- or google-account to login. We will not post anything to your account.